Behind the name: Kimchi+Sarma

What’s in a name? you ask…


Sarma(left) ; Kimchi(right)

I’ve often found it unfortunate that people are more keen on finding differences between themselves and others, rather than accentuating similarities. I’ve always been a hopeless optimist, and always tried to find a common denominator when establishing friendships and other relationships (romantic or otherwise). That optimism has faded slightly as of late due to a slump in our economy, that has left me wondering if I’ll ever be employed again. Le Sigh. However, that’s another subject for another time. For now, let me explain why I chose to name this blog “Kimchi Sarma”.

Perhaps not all of you are familiar with these terms, so I will give you a short run-down.

Kimchi 김치Yeah!

A popular fermented Korean side-dish or food made of vegetables and various seasonings (often spicy, so heads up!). It is traditionally stored in large jar-like containers and left to ferment underground for months. Sounds yummy?! It is, trust me! There are MANY types of kimchi, but the one I prefer, which so happens to be the most popular at least in the West, is cabbage kimchi.

Check out Martina and Simon’s FAPFAP:Food Adventure Program For Awesome People! on for a glimpse at some delicious kimchi recipes.

As a side-note, if you plan on spending quality time with your “significant other”, please consider limiting your kimchi intake, since it could make you very veeeerrry gassy (not speaking from personal experience of course… ehem… *rolling eyes while nervously whistling a tune*).

Onto the next item: Sarma!

A popular fermented Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian (ex-Yugoslavian), and Eastern European… breathe… dish or food made predominantly with cabbage and various seasonings (not always spicy, so you can relax). It is traditionally stored in jar-like containers (or in plastic containers in one’s basement nowadays) and left to ferment under or above ground for a few months.

Alright, do you see the resemblance …? Should I continue? Yes, ok. 

Sarma is just as yummy as Kimchi. Family holidays (Christmas, Easter, Slava) are nothing without it. It sits as the centrepiece of the table. Often, we eat it throughout the winter season, every week, every day… twice a day sometimes, until Easter. And then we make some more because it’s a special occasion, and we simply….cannot… live… without it. 🙂 Similarly to Kimchi, avoid it like the plague if you: are having a sleepover, plan on spending quality time with honey-schnoockums, risk being in any position that might put your lovely behind in front of someone else’s nostrils. Uncontrollable and continuous gas is a side-effect.

Ajhummas 아줌마 (older ladies in Korean) Bake bah-khe (grandmas in Croatianwill tell you that emitting gas is just your body cleansing itself… Yeah, right. That may be true, but I would most likely “cleanse myself” of my relationship if I passed uncontrollable gas around Mr Eom.  

Check out Kristy’s Sarma recipe in case you are curious about what it is or what it tastes like (attempt making it yourself!)


Both foods are quite similar and delicious. One guy (Steve) even made a point of proving it by creating a unique Kimchi-Sarma Recipe, whereby he combines both dishes’ ingredients into a hybrid new food. *Droooooool
Here is his awesome YouTube Video 

In conclusion

I am Sarma and Mr. Eom is Kimchi, and together we are Koreatian; a delightful mix, which, when separated tastes good, but when combined taste fabulous! Concentrating on similarities rather than on differences is a hard task at times, but try it nonertheless. I guarantee it will forever alter your pallet and taste for life.

Toodles/안녕 !!! xoxo NaNa Banana


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