Looking good is what Koreans are all about?


Sooo.. Mr. Eom is not vain, although he IS conscious of the way he looks and acts, and almost always tries to look his best. Don’t we all?!

However, sometimes he takes it to the next level: he gives me styling suggestions, his clothes are always impeccably clean and ironed, he is ALWAYS flawless.

*Le Sigh.. I wish I were more like him sometimes…And other times I DO enjoy my imperfect self and lounging around in sweatpants and hoodies mwahahah*

In any case, I cannot help but wonder if his is a case of character or culture, or a mere professional flaw (being in the entertainment business and all). I know most of my Korean friends look amazing 99.9% of the time. They take care of themselves and are Gods and Goddesses of fashion and style.

It could be a mixture of all three. I am also aware that “emphasis on physical appearance” is a cultural trait amongst my own people as well (Serbian and Croatian). They seem to always look great whatever the occasion. I am the odd exception though haha. I sometimes don’t give a flying hoot about what I look like, butttt I have a nagging Croatian mother to constantly keep me in check.

“Hana, you ought to lose a few pounds; Hana, that hairstyle doesn’t suit you; Hana, don’t wear so much eyeliner; Hana this, and Hana that”

I now have a second person to remind me of my looks, but, thankfully his remarks are usually quite positive and his advice very constructive and welcomed.

Anyways, enough of this rant. I know some of you out there have been on either side of this kind of situation, so it would be great to hear your stories. Also, I would like to know if you think this has ANYTHING to do with Mr. Eom being Korean hahahaha

xo NaNa

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