The ‘BeaverTail Incident’ … mwahahaha


The BeaverTail Incident…

A couple of days ago, I was telling a friend about Mr. Eom’s latest visit to Ottawa (where I live), and also happened to mention his “BEAVERTAIL INCIDENT”. Gaaahh.

Alright, alright, it’s nothing serious. It’s actually a prank I pulled on him, and so many others before him.

If you are Canadian, have lived/resided in Canada, know a Canadian, drove through Canada, or simply heard about Canada, then you will be able to relate to this so-called BEAVERTAIL INCIDENT. In case you STILL don’t know what the heck I’m blabbing about, check out this description on TheHankster’s Blog.

Some time ago, Mr. Eom visited Ottawa, and, as the good host that I am (ahem ahem), I took him on a tour around town. Part of his tour included the famous BeaverTails stand in Downtown’s Byward Market.

Shameless plug: *Ottawa, has many great sites to offer, including the historic ByWard market, where you can discover local farmers’ market goodies and foods, have delicious coffee and pastries at the well-known Moulin de Provence bakery, dig up new fashion, and of course devour a BeaverTail of your own*.

In any case, while waiting in line to order our BeaverTails, I had the genius idea of asking the Stand Owner/Vendor to play along and ‘feed’ Mr. Eom the false story of how BeaverTails are made. She whipped out their biggest knife they had, pretended to whack a beaver’s tail, and told him:

“don’t worry, they grow back in just a few days, and they’re delicious when topped with some of our sweetest flavours such as sweet cinnamon, hazelnut spread, and Oreo crumbs”.

As Mr. Eom hesitantly bit into his gooey, crunchy, yummy beavertail, he instantaneously acclaimed it for its incredible taste. I couldn’t take it any longer and confessed “It’s not real honey, it’s just like a flat doughnut with yummy toppings”.

Some people around us gathered solely to witness his reaction and had a good laugh at his expense. He, of course, felt a little embarrassed, but he laughed as well hehehe. Some random couple even asked him WHERE he is FROM, and proceeded to say “Oh! Thaaaaaaatt explains it” once he explained that he’s from S.Korea.

This was an epic moment, which I couldn’t help but illustrate. So, enjoy, LIKE, and SHARE :):)

Mr.Eom, I hope you will find it in your heart one day to forgive me. I U

xo NaNa Banana

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