What will YOUR future children look like? Discover how to create your own, here.

My Future “Hybrid-Korean/Croatian” Babies. 

When I was juuust aaaa liiittleeee giiiirl
I asked myyy mother, how they wiiill beeee
Will they be preeeetty, will they be smaaaart
Here’s what she said to meeeee.

Queee seraaaa… seraaaaa…    Oh! wait.. That’s a song. Nevermind. My mother NEVER sang that to me, and I NEVER asked her what follows below:

What do you think my kids will look like? How do you think they’ll turn out?

I believe that everyone (for the most part…) has in some way or another imagined or wondered what their future offspring will look like.

Will they be pretty? Will they be smart? Will they be weird? or ugly ? (yes I’m referring to that Chinese man who sued his wife for 120K over breach of marriage contract on grounds of deception; she was ugly and he got duped) Will they look like me, or him, or their biological parents? (of course they’ll look like their biological parents ! what am I saying here?)

The point is: almost EVERYONE who’s imagined their future offspring and who has access to basic technology has found a way to generate virtual images of their future babies.

Right?! Am I right?! no?  Anyyyooneeee?

Alright, I am definitely strange in this regard, since I’ll (be the first to) admit it on the World Wide Web:

I, Hana, have used an online virtual baby generator to simulate what a mix of Croatianness and Koreanness would bring about. 

They are ADORABLE. So, I suggest everyone ought to try this little experiment and share their future kids’ photos with me so we can compare and giggle like little school girls. The website I used is “Morph Thing“. It’s quite basic and easy to use! Even my mother could do it. And I am convinced that, had she done it previous to having me, she would have thought twice before engaging in promiscuous activity with my father. I am wholeheartedly thankful they did, however, because otherwise I wouldn’t be here today writing this post; and I think I turned out pretty nice, sweet, scrumptious, and smart. (maybe.. )

How to use it:

1) Choose two photos for upload: one of yourself, another one of your partner (or ANYONE else for that matter; It can be a celebrity, your crush, a boy, a girl, both?!, unidentified species.. It doesn’t matter. Whatever rocks your boat, this website welcomes it with open arms)

2) Tweak photos for facial recognition purposes (really simple and you will be guided through the process from start to finish. I promise.)

3) Match’em up and pick your future child’s gender.

4) Et voila! Your evil creation has come to life (on the WWW only of course). Now you can share your creations with MOI (me) or hide them in the deepest pit you can find (in case they turn out horribly horribly wrong). I doubt the latter could ever happen though.

In any case, here are MY kiddies 🙂 mwahahaha.

Share yours! I’d love to feel as though I’m not the only weirdo out there. And if I am, well… that’s alright too. My mom always said I’m special.

xoxo NaNa

P.S. I already picked their names. he-he-he. Aria (for the girl) and Daniel Henney (for the boy).


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One thought on “What will YOUR future children look like? Discover how to create your own, here.

  1. Daniel Henney. Lol 누나 you funny.

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