Share and help reunite siblings

If you read this and you are Korean and know someone from Pusan named Ahn Jung He possibly 35 years old. Tell her that her brother has been searching for her for 14 years. Tell her I still think about her at night… My name is Ahn Soo Jin (I know a girl’s name) and I was adopted from Holt International Pusan, South Korea.





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5 thoughts on “Share and help reunite siblings

  1. Thanks for the re-blog! -OM

    • Oh! Anytime dude! I hope your search is fruitful. I will try and circulate the information when I get to Korea as well. Cannot guarantee anything, but I’m crossing my fingers. Keep us posted!!!!!! πŸ™‚

      • That is very kind of you. I appreciate the effort for a stranger. -OM

      • My pleasure. In all sincerity, I empathize especially because we’ve (my family and myself) gone lived a similar situation when the war ended in my home country. You can only imagine the number of persons who were killed, displaced, emigrated, etc. during the wartime… amongst them were many of our relatives. It took us almost 15 years, but we finally located most of them. ❀ We found one of our cousins was living an hour and a half away from our home in Canada for almost 13 years without us knowing it. Life is quite a mystery, that is why I am hopeful that you will find what/who you are looking for. πŸ™‚

      • We will see. I have never been in a better position to find them though, I have a lot of Korean bloggers following me. We can always dream… πŸ™‚

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