A little about …

A little about me and my dumb self (while I break from my thesis). TBC in a week from now.

YES, I am quite stubborn and at times prideful when I shouldn’t be. Yes, I argue with and bicker at those for whom I care the most. Yes, I don’t forgive easily, and it is even harder for me to forget. Often, I am insecure, sometimes my thoughts wander in remote places, but above all … and most of all … I find it difficult to fall in love. In spite of all that, when I utter the words “I Love You”, I do it solely when my heart truly means and feels it. I love sincerely and earnestly.

P.S. I also believe, from the deepest pits of my being, that people become dumber when they fall in love. Either our collective IQ drops, or our chemical balances gets completely “out of whack”… For the lack of better words: I really do not know and cannot explain it. I think we mostly act in an inexplicably idiotic fashion when we fall in love. Take me as an example: I COULD be finishing up my thesis right now, but, instead, I am pondering and writing about Love and my lovely relationship. Basically, my brain’s functions are overridden by my dumb heart, and therefore I MIGHT actually fail this thesis task and end up homeless with 4 mouths to feed in a near future. Ok ok, I am exaggerating, but you get my point, right? 🙂

I am feeling inexplicably pained by the sheer fact that I will fail at life because I have succeeded at Love haha. My friend Cathy once said “We Buddhists believe that you cannot succeed in all three spheres in life. You, Hana, have luck in health and Love, but are lacking in Fortune (career and life). Pick one or two, not ALL three.”

Darn love!

See and talk to you all soon. Wish me luck.

xoxo NaNa

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