The 28th Book Review Lucky Draw Begins. Get yours NOW

This week twoChois is giving away “초보자를 위한 톡톡 한국어 (Talk Talk Korean)”. Looks like an awesome book to begin learning Korean!

My my… this Beginners’ Hangul book is perfect timing for me, as I embark on my new adventures in South Korea. Crossing fingers for my name to get picked, so that I can get a Hangul boost before leaving to Seoul and meeting my in-laws ❤

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매번 늦어져서 죄송해요.

이번 주부터 계속 Lucky Draw는 수요일에 시작해서 화요일 밤 11시 59분에 마감하도록 할게요.

We would try to keep the time!

This week’s book is suitable for the very beginners who knows nothing about Korean language.

Book Info.


초보자를 위한 톡톡 한국어 (Talk Talk Korean) 

129 Pages / Size: 210x297mm / ISBN : 978-89-6292-140-3

This book starts with explanation on the origin and the root of Hangeul and then it teaches how to read and write each alphabet(자음, 모음).

This book is filled with various daily expressions and words.

It provides spaces to practice writing those expressions so that a reader can naturally memorize the words.

< Table of Contents >

책을 펴내면서

Unit1. 한글소개

1. 한글

2. 모음

3. 자음

Unit2. 한글

1. 기본모음

2. 자음

3. 복합모음

4. 받침

Unit3. 서바이벌 한국어

1. 한국어 인사말

2. 자기소개

3. 쇼핑하기

4. 택시 이용하기

Unit4. 부록

단어 색인

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