We’re Tying the proverbial knot – Koreatian Style :)

Our artsy photography spurs hehe

Our artsy photography spurs hehe

I sense there has been a budding craze recently surrounding exuberant marriage proposals; ranging from faked proposals to flash mob proposals, they are becoming increasingly elaborate and original. Without exception, Koreans are following suit with dramatic and expensive proposal shenanigans. I cannot say that Croatians are adopting that trend at all. In fact, dropping their usual traditional ways, my homies are opting for the more quaint and intimate settings; with a few exceptions, of course!

Here are some proposal stories stemming from S.Korea and Croatia:

1) Claudia and Samuel’s romantic proposal at Namsan Tower – Seoul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CfrkA_B9K8

2) Liz and Nara’s Lovely Day Proposal (one of my favourites): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDBcP7Q7_0E

3) This sneaky “medical emergency” proposal in Serbia: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwMLhm0WGGA * The Marin messaged his girlfriend Jelena to join him at the hospital, as he felt heart palpitations and pressure in his chest cavity. Upon arrival, she received an X-ray print taken of her boyfriend’s chest just moments before. Expecting the worst, she got the best *

4) Tony Cetinski (a Croatian singer) proposes to short-term girlfriend Dubravka by publishing the marriage proposal on the cover page of a famous magazine “Story”: http://www.istarski.hr/node/11706

I do not know how to categorize our recent engagement that occurred on December 30, 2013 (a Koreatian fusion perhaps?), although I can assuredly say it was unforgettable, blissful, and touching.

How it took flight:

He was nervous for days before, as his plan failed a couple of times during that week, mainly due to weather conditions in Toronto Canada (you’ll understand why as you read along). We went to our usual Sushi restaurant for lunch (nothing out of the ordinary). Mid-way through lunch, he took a call and paced back and forth in the restaurant, avoiding eye contact with me and preventing me from hearing anything that was being said. He then exclaimed “Honey, I need to leave NOW. Something urgent came up. Can you please wait for me!?” me: “uh hhh alrigh. Everything ok? Tell me if I can help”.

Obviously, I was concerned at this point, although had no choice but to patiently wait.

He showed up with a bouquet of flowers. When I asked if they were for me he said “No hon, sorry. I need to go greet a friend at the airport”.

Ok, I was DEFINITELY confuzzled at this point, but followed along.

We arrived at the ferry that would take us to the Toronto Island’s Billy Bishop airport. Arriving at the airport, we RAN through the terminals only to re-exit the building on the other side of the Island. Hmmm… what the heck is going on?

Arriving behind some suspicious-looking entirely made of metal building, we entered and were greeted by a guy named Thad. Thad asked “Are you ready?” I replied “Ready for what?” We resurfaced onto the airport’s runway, where a small motor plane awaited us. “We are flying into the sunset”….

It was that precise moment just before sunset (my favourite time of day). We flew above Toronto and the surrounding region for some time before he hooked my earphones onto his iPad and played a compilation of our favourite pictures, date videos, quirky movie scenes we both adore; all accompanied by Bruno Mars’ song “Marry You” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OMr9zCvtOfY.

At that moment, I realized what was happened and sort of panicked and began tearing up. I had no clue the pilot was in on it, so I pretended to care where we were flying by periodically gazing out the window and at the pilot hehehe.

Once the video neared its end, the words “Will you marry me?” appeared on-screen. I cried like a baby whose toy was taken away. haha. I asked him “Is my mascara running all over the place? Do I look like crap right now? I’m sorry… I can’t help it”… He said “No, you look beautiful”… I accepted the compliment, although upon looking in the mirror I realized I looked like a stoned panda 😛

In any case, everything became hazy and dreamlike. The pilot turned back with thumbs-up asking for confirmation that I had agreed to the marriage proposal. My instincts kicked in, and although I appreciated his concern, my eyes narrowed-in onto his flight panel and the CN tower nearing in front of us, as I wondered “Why aren’t you manning the plane? Forget about us! WATCH where you are flying”.

Korean Croatian Marriage Proposal

Korean Croatian Marriage Proposal

When we landed, I felt an inexplicable feeling of peace and contentment, and an even stronger love for this man. He had managed to combine my most treasured pleasures in life and deepest feelings into one moment eternalized in my heart forever: my love of flying, of that pure golden glow of the sun at dusk, of that feeling of weightlessness as the airplane drops through the air, of emerging stars and moon in the waking night sky, and of the most intimate setting I could have ever imagined to express his love to me…

Darling, thank you for sharing your love only with me for the rest of our days together. ❤ I adore you.

xoxo NaNa

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3 thoughts on “We’re Tying the proverbial knot – Koreatian Style :)

  1. Aww… he’s such a romantic. ^^ I pray for your happiness in your soon-to-be married life. ^^

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