alt="My Korean Oppa and The Kettle Incident"

My Korean Oppa 오빠 and The Kettle Incident

Sooo, THIS happened recently and I thought I’d share the oddity that are my fiance’s ways of doing things, including cooking. Turns out, I am the odd one for thinking he’s strange. Le Sigh…


alt="My Korean Oppa 오빠 and The Kettle Incident"

Oppa 오빠 cooking in a kettle

For some reason, he thought it was very normal to cook this way. I thought It was the strangest thing, but it turns out – according to his friends and other Koreans I’ve spoken to – that I am indeed the weirdo for thinking it’s abnormal. Hmmm.. you be the judge. In retrospect, It makes me laugh, but it almost made me furious to think our precious expensive kettle could be ruined because of THIS… Anywho, he hasn’t repeated the incident, but he at times tries to convince me that some things belong in the kettle… such as vegetables and soups. My reaction to this day: WTF (Worth Telling Friends, of course).

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5 thoughts on “My Korean Oppa 오빠 and The Kettle Incident

  1. Hallie on said:

    My husband and his friends don’t do that… just so you can add some Koreans to your side, haha. Maybe it’s an age difference. My husband is probably a generation older than yours. I find that odd too. ^^

    • hahahahah It could very well be true, what you say. I asked another friend who’s lived abroad for the past 5 years and she found it weird as well. It may have been a trend that developed recently. I won’t lie though, while I searched for other such instances, I found a website run by an electrical engineer, that specializes in kettle cuisine. No lie. He makes some delicious food, so I’ll be careful before I judge next time. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. It made me feel normal again 🙂

  2. This is quite common among university dwellers like us. We font have much utensils to cook with, and at odd times(when restaurants are not open) we get too hungry. The only options we have is, either to be hungry or do something with what we have. That’s how I ended up in cooking with kettle. This need not something that needs to be considered as weird. You can check my website here.

    • I entirely understand and I love the ideas that sprung from sheer necessity (in your case: your blog). When I was in Uni, I did use kettles, but for boiling water to make soups, teas, porridge, etc. Though, I’ve always been petrified of putting anything BUT H20 in there – as per the instructions on the user manual that accompanies these little machines. hahaha I never knew there was a whole “cooking with a kettle” sub-culture out there, so I was too quick to judge my SO when he attempted to cook with one. 🙂 Anyways, thanks for stopping by! I love your blog and I’ve already shared it with tons of people, who enjoy it as well 🙂

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