Meeting the In-Laws Part 1: Miserable Chopsticks and Korean Table Etiquette

Meeting the In-Laws Part 1

– Miserable Chopsticks and Korean Table Etiquette –

This is long overdue, I know, but here goes nothing:

A few months ago, upon arriving to Korea, I almost pooped my pants because I had to meet my mother and father in-law and EVERYONE else. Of the stories my Korean friends have told me, of the comments I’ve read online and of what I’ve heard from colleagues/friends in relationships with Koreans, I developed an irrational fear of my family to-be.

I am pretty sure many out there have gone through the same thing – and thankfully survived to tell hehehe. I can sympathize and share that collective experience. Find out how and why…

I won’t write an entire novel here, because there is just too much to say. However, one thing that’s stuck with me and about which I am still self-conscious is the incident depicted in my latest comic.

alt="My Korean Oppa _ chopsticks and Korean table manners"

At first, there was a tiny bit of hope that I’d impressed them.

But then, my already shaky reputation was shattered and I shall never recover. Le Sigh

But then, my already shaky reputation was shattered and I shall never recover. Le Sigh

Listen, I THOUGHT I was pretty skilled at eating with chopsticks – having practice while watching the Karate Kid and all -, but I was never put to the test like this before. I actually performed miserably and still to this day I make a mess whenever I eat around a big group of Korean people. It may be a fear that is impairing my abilities or it may just be that I over-estimated my own talents. Whichever may be the case, one thing remains: my poor chopsticks and Korean table etiquette lead me to believe my in-laws feel as though I am an unfit wife and mother to-be hahaha. Yes, folks. I’ve said it. I have low self-esteem in front of them and profoundly think they pity me and treat me as a child who is incapable of succeeding at anything Korean culture-related.

Anywho, let me know if you’ve experienced any similar situation (be it within a Korean context or other) and how you dealt with it. Also, just enjoy the comic and laugh a little at my expense. Have a great end of weekend!

Toodles, NaNa

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2 thoughts on “Meeting the In-Laws Part 1: Miserable Chopsticks and Korean Table Etiquette

  1. I really liked this comic, thanks for sharing it! I myself have a Korean wife, and have been visiting the last couple weeks. I love all the food and I can use chopsticks pretty much fine. I hold one chop stick like a pencil between the tips of my thumb, pointer finger and middle finger, and the other pinched between the knuckle of my pointer finger, the base of my thumb, and the tip of my ring finger. This is pretty much the standard way. Just keep appreciating them, and that’ll appreciate you, which it sound like is already happening. Good luck!

    • 🙂 My pleasure. It took a while before I got some confidence to post these things online, but people such as yourself seem to identify, which is a relief. As for the chopsticks, I can use them fine also, though I get panic attacks nowadays when I have to eat in front of Koreans (due to that one time at the in-laws’ home) and simply become an innate cluts. I need to get over the fear of being judged ahaha. Not sure about yourself, but I feel as though Koreans are evaluating my every move. 😛 Anyhow, thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your time in SK. We’ve got beautiful weather.

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