Meet South Korea’s “Poop” Cult… the cute kind




WTF (Worth Telling Friends) about Korea: If you haven’t yet been to Korea you probably haven’t noticed the “poop” craze. Yes, call it what you want, but we’re all talking about the same thing: poop, feces, excrement, etc. Not only has Korea created a poop cult, it has managed to make it CUTE! Koreans make everything look cute, seriously, even poop. In any, case, here is a glimpse into some of the poop one can sample whilst walking down the streets in Seoul, South Korea.

I have officially mastered the art of “poop hair” and am therefore very supportive of this cute poop trend hehehehe

Featured below are: poop hair, poop wine, poop bread, poop sculptures and art, poop stickers and toys, poop animated games, poop needle games played amongst children AND adults, poop pigs from Jeju-do, and soooo much more poop. I wonder if there are other countries that have integrated poop into its pop cultures and made talking about it less taboo, or if anyone else out there has witnessed this emerging trend in South Korea? 🙂

 poop-breadpoop bread 2 poop bread 3poop bread 4 

These wonderful breads can be found pretty much anywhere, but we picked up ours near Insadong in Seoul.

Hana poop hair  똥머리 how to똥머리 wigpoop lantern  

As for the hair, contrary to popular belief, the hair is not low-maintenance. In fact, to achieve the ultimate “poop-do”, there are many steps to follow before it looks perfect AND stays in place as such the entire day. 🙂 I’ve tried many of these steps and ways of make a poop-do and my all-time favorite consists of putting unwashed hair into a ponytail, teasing it a little and basically twisting the hair around the elastic and securing it with yet another elastic. Poopastic!

poop pig Jeju dp ttongsul

I HAVE tried this black piggy or “poop pig” as Koreans like to call it, while we visited Jeju-do. Though I am not a fan of pork at all, it was quite delicious and contained less fat than most porky meets. I also appreciated the fact that my fiancé waited until AFTER dinner to explain the history behind this piggy’s existence in Korea: since farmers and peasants of ancient Korea were quite poor and couldn’t afford enough grains and food to feed their livestock, they built underground enclaves beneath outhouses (external toilets) where they placed these piggies and basically fed them human feces, hence the reasoning behind the pig’s black colour. 


As for poop wine or “ttongsul”, I cannot say that I’ve tried it, nor can I promise that I will anytime soon… or EVER! heheheh Though I hear that it supposedly heals everything from osteoporosis to epilepsy. 😛




poop sculpture     똥찜 everywhere poop needle and poop combo똥찜 online game똥침              똥찜 Stop


This last trend is called “ttong jjim” and translates into “ttong – meaning poop” and “jjim – meaning needle”. Literally, one could interpret this as “poop needle” and it makes a lot of sense considering how this game is played. Basically, Person A (the attacker) places his/her hands so that every finger is intertwined/criss-crossed except the two index fingers that simulate a kind of gun shape. Person B (the victim) is caught off-guard while Person A sticks his/her index fingers up Person B’s butthole. It sounds frightening and I cannot say that it is enjoyable as it happens, though it does lead to uncontrollable laughter and fun memories hehehe



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