my korea oppa _ korean in-laws_ we're having a baby?

Meeting the in-laws – Part 2: Best way to announce you’re having a baby to your Korean mother in-law


my korean oppa kimchi sarma _ we're having a baby?

So, folks, here’s the deal: language matters. Trying to be cute and using slang in one of YOUR OWN first languages does not always translate as intended in other languages. At least, that’s what I’ve learned in Korea; a place where my sarcastic humour and figurative words are often misinterpreted.

In any case, here’s how I almost gave my mother in-law a heart attack and simultaneously made her the happiest woman on the planet.

Once upon an afternoon at my in-laws’ home, I ate like a little piggy (as I usually do when I visit them) and my mother in-law proceeded to ask whether I ate enough and exclaimed that I should eat more, and more, and more. God forbid I go hungry! Mind you, I have enough butt to last me 3 months in starvation mode, so I’m pretty sure her fears of hunger will never realize themselves.

To get back to the story. She asked me if I’d like to eat more and I exclaimed smilingly “No, no thank you! I’m so full! I even have a food baby!” Now, I know what you’re thinking:Hana, that’s not the wisest choice of words when speaking to an old-fashioned woman whose English skills are very basic. Yes, you are right, but I thought nothing of it at the time.

Continuing. She immediately started fluffing pillows, getting blankets and tucking me in, so that I would be comfortable and rest the entire day. She then left to go meet the rest of the fam-jam at my father in-laws countryside house to do some gardening and whatnot.

The shock moment and call of doom took place. My fiance called and questioned me about my earlier conversation with his mother. I simply repeated the exchange that took place and then heard “@##%&#$#!@ Stupid! She thinks you’re pregnant and is about to announce it to the world. Ahhhh… just enjoy your dayall tucked in while it lasts.”

I caused irreparable damage. I mean, it’s not negative, though the deed has been done. Nowadays, everyone is asking us when we’ll tie the knot officially, and most importantly when we’ll produce cute little hybrid babies for them to spoil and examine as they argue over how pretty or ugly they might turn out to be when they grow up…

Bottom line: As I write this newpost, I realize how much I’ve been slacking off – for the first time in my life – in terms of learning a new language. I’ll be joining a language course soon, and will hopefully avoid similar mishaps in the near and far future hehe

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, friends.





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