Foreigner Shopping in Korea

my korean oppa free size shopping in korea

You know you’ve been that “clueless foreigner” at some point in time while traveling. This episode happened a long time ago, after a few weeks of living in Korea. You see, they sell clothes labeled “free size” here, meaning “one size fits all”. In all honestly, I had no clue what it meant at the time, and really thought the clothes of “that size” were, well “free”. Also, being bigger than the average Korean woman, sales people are quick to point out to me that the clothes are “free size”, meaning they won’t fit me, because they are meant to be a “one size fits all KOREAN WOMEN”. Sigh. It has been a learning curve, but a memorable one nonetheless.

Has anyone had similar experiences elsewhere? It doesn’t have to be related to clothes, but rather to miscommunication between sales people and customers. heh heh


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2 thoughts on “Foreigner Shopping in Korea

  1. Hallie on said:

    I used to tell them it’d fit just fine. Let me try it on and show you… they didn’t want me to try it on though. Then I would tell them that if it’s Free size shouldn’t it fit everyone? So, you’re saying this is NOT free size but petite Korean woman size? They didn’t get it and I decided to start shopping in stores with actual sizes. -_-

    • Hahaha aawwee..I feel the same way. It’s both I and them who just don’t understand, so I avoid places where I cannot tey on clothes. Hmmm I’m glad I’m not the only one who experiences this hehe. Thanks for commenting ♡♡♡

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