Killer Chuseok/Seollal

With Chuseok come and past, the traditional bowing and ceremonial procedures reminded me I had to draw this one episode. It happened when we first arrived in Korea, almost 2 years ago, for Seollal (Lunar New Year). I had no clue what I was doing, nor did I expect Marcus’ family to ask me to bow to them. This is NOT a tradition where I come from, so I was out of place. Also, with my lack of balance and pronounced clumsiness, I couldn’t quite get the bow “right”. I blame my husband, as he simply told me to copy him and didn’t properly instruct me :P. In any case, I ended up sending his parents to the “figurative grave”. One can only hope I get it right this time around. hah! It still makes me giggle.

Killer Chuseok_Oppa

How I killed my in-laws with one wrong bow.

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6 thoughts on “Killer Chuseok/Seollal

  1. Hi! Do you know how to do a Korean now? I am nearly “killed” for not doing it properly:(

    • Oohhh no no. I’m still learning it, but only twice a week. We don’t live with my in-laws, so I get very little practice speaking it. 😦 I force my husband to translate to them hehehe ^^ Oftentimes it’s quite funny.

      Do you live with your husband’s family? (I’m assuming you’re married…but I don’t know hehe). Do they expect you to speak Korean????

      Also, thanks for stopping by. My blog isn’t very active, but I love learning about other people’s experiences. ♡♡

      • Oops sorry I mean to say Korean “bow” but didn’t notice autocorrect changed it to “now”. But it’s cool you are learning Korean now! I’m so shy speaking it:( we are not married yet but my future in laws have expressed that they want to communicate with me in Korean soon:)

      • Teehee i understand. Yes, I think I’ve learned it properly now. It makes up for all the other stuff I do wrong hehe. I wish you guys have a happy life together regardless of other family members’ presence ♡♡♡♡ Have you been learning Korean? It’s so hard for me, since it’s my first Asian language. 😦

      • Oh I c. Yes I’ve been learning Korean but it might be easier for me since my mother tongue is Chinese. But I’ve been really lazy in practising them and I don’t have a community here who speaks Korean. Are you now living in Korea?

      • Cool! Yes, I can see how speaking Chinese might help. ♡ lucky hehe. Yes, I have been living in Seoul for the past year or so. Not the best choice (Seoul) to immerse myself in the culture and language, but it’s fun at least. 🙂 How about yourself?

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