About Us

About Us

Mr. Eom is a South Korean national, who immigrated to Canada 3 years ago to expand his knowledge of the performing arts. Although he has experience in almost everything – spanning from theatre, to TV, to site specific performance, to dance, and mime – his current passion lies with Circus Arts (Aerial Straps !!!) Amazing, I know. During the Winter season, he is an avid snowboarder and instructor. His favourite fruit are mangos, colour orange and aqua-teal blue; he loooves comedies and has lately been obsessing over “Despicable Me 1 and 2″. He’s a romantic at heart, and an extremely handsome man (in my eyes at least).IMG_20130624_1
I (Nana) am originally from the former-Yugoslavia; more specifically from Croatia. I have lived in Canada for over 17 years now and  consider it my home. Soon to graduate from the Graduate School of  Public and International Affairs (University of Ottawa), I am down-right obsessed with politics and policy, as well as quantitative research (yes that means statistics). My latest areas of interest are Asia-Pacific and integration/immigration related policies. I looove cherries and peaches, all colours, and traveling. I am an artist at heart and can spend hours drawing and painting.
* Us, at the CN Tower in Toronto, ON*
WE  are an extremely cheesy and artsy couple, and will most likely induce gag-reflexes in some of you due to all the corniness. We love it though and want to share every bit of it. :)

History of project

We’ve created this for the following reasons:
  • To update family, friends, and colleagues who keep asking for more details, but who function on either different schedules or continents and are therefore often out of reach to us.
  • To create a forum for discussing matters of cultural and language exchange, mixed-race relationships, Korea, Croatia, food, love, friendships, travel, politics, etc.
  • To eternalize our story for generations to come? Ok that’s pushing it.
  • To commence writing a script for a movie about our own story and lives, because we’ve been often told it resembles those plots found in Korean dramas (the nice ones, minus all the drama) —-> Although we’re not entirely convinced of that mwahahaha
  • For fun!

Our users – YOU!

We care about every single “Like”, “Comment”, “Page Visit”, “Question”, “Feedback”… Absolutely everything. Our goal is not only to share OUR story, but also to hear yours, while exchanging tips and advice on dealing with issues related to mixed-race relationships and culture shocks.
P.S. We looove food and travel, so if you have any great recipes to share, don’t be shy

Visitor’s Notice

As an International Politics and Policy major, as well as Statistics geek, I will sometimes include snippets of articles on such topics as Canada’s foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific, news about South and North Korean politics, as well as random K-Pop and K-Drama highlights.
Stick around and ASK QUESTIONS becaaauuusseee…..
I will attempt to answer all of them from a non-Korean woman’s perspective, and my lovely boyfriend will do his best to address the issues from a Korean-male perspective. You can either submit a question by leaving a comment or send it to us directly through one of the outlets provided on the “Want to Reach Us” page.

10 thoughts on “About Us

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  2. You two make a really nice couple!

  3. Wow, what a mixture! A Croatian-Korean couple in Canada. I’m expecting ya to mention that you also have a Siberian dog, a Siamese cat, and maybe a Jamaican parrot too. Very interesting blog!

    • HAHAHA Well.. I have a Havanese Bichon .. Does that count!? haha. You made my day sunny with this comment. Thanks for the thoughts. I’ll be more active on this blog once I submit this deadly MA thesis. mwahahha

  4. Hi, thank you for following me, I hope you will enjoy reading about my lunches 🙂
    And like your blog, both funny and interesting.

    • Hehehe thank you for the comment. As for your blog, I’ve read through sooo many old posts to catch up. I’ve even bought a few items for making Bento boxes, so I’m excited to start. I might attempt something and post a picture for you to see :):) Hopefully, it won’t be a total mess 😉

      Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Hi~
    Another Croatian-Korean couple here!! 🙂

  6. hocu vino :) on said:

    Ovo je verlo dobro! Sorry if that’s bad grammar, but I’m still learning Serbo-Croatian. This is a very neat blog with all the great cartoons! My wife and I are in Toronto and I’m Korean and she’s from the former Yugoslavia as well (B/H). It’s nice knowing that we aren’t the only ones 🙂

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