Other Awesome Blogs/Pages

The Korean Foreigner —> A fun (personal) take on some serious subjects in society today. Really easy to read. 

Eat Your Kimchi —> What can I say? They are CANADIAN. I love’em. 

My Korean Husband —> Love these guys! They also draw comics and it makes me laugh because we use a) the same Wacom Tablet, and b) share a similar colour palette.

HarsH ReaLiTy  —> Hilariously blunt and clever writing.

Chonun Migoog Saram … Iiiimnidaaaa  —> This woman is my new distraction. She has a respectful, yet No B.S. take on Korean Culture and what it means to live in S.Korea as a foreigner. 



3 thoughts on “Other Awesome Blogs/Pages

  1. Thank you for the nice mention! -OM

  2. I didn’t know the Eat Your Kimchi couple were Canadian. Interesting! Love their pets.

  3. Oh! Yes yes. From Toronto I believe. Canadians are migrating to S. Korea for some odd reason haha. One day, I hope to meet them and exchange maple syrupy hugs lol

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